Our Process

We have six stages to making our delicious, flavored popcorn.

Stage 1

We start with a mushroom popcorn, grown in the Midwest (mostly in Iowa). We have it cleaned and tested to make sure it has the right moisture level. The correct moisture content ensures we get a good POP.

Stage 2

We mix quality ingredients to our special recipes. The ingredients go into a kettle and are heated, so they are well blended.

Stage 3

The air-popped mushroom popcorn is mixed into the heated syrup until the popcorn is well covered. Every kernel needs a little sweetness.

Stage 4

The popcorn is sent thru our cooling room. This helps the popcorn to crisp up.

Stage 5

The popcorn travels thru our scale to the specified weight. We are packaging small, medium, or large bags.

Stage 6

We put each packaged bag into a box to be shipped. Each bag is physically looked at to do a quality check. We look for product coverage, the bag is sealed tight, and the overall feel of the bag.

Our goal is to make a great quality product that many will enjoy.

How Do We Make Popcorn?

The Finest popcorn growing areas in the world

Iowa Popcorn

Here in Iowa, we know a thing or two about how to grow corn. Whether it’s popcorn, sweetcorn, or field corn, the furtle soil, and perfect growing conditions, allow us to grow and produce the finest popcorn products in the world. That being said it’s not all about our location. Our product knowledge and the family recipe allow us to keep breaking world records one kernel at a time.